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Basic CNA info - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

What is CNA? CNA is certified nursing assistant. Beside what's already told on main page there is more to know about it. Thanks to nursing assistance clients with health problems get through difficult days easier. A CNA’s workload always is fast-paced and intense, but CNA is very strong motivating factor. To become a medical assistant it is possible

The daily duties of Certified Nursing Assistance - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

Certified Medical Assistance daily carries out certain different duties. This duties are various and planed for the whole day. Daily duties differ depending on that with what doctor Certified Nursing Assistance works, in what region and in what hospital. Medical workers can carry out various functional duties. Depending on above listed factors, duty can be

Personal Qualities Required For a Certified Nursing Assistant - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

To gain your first important medical assistant certification after taking exam is a great feeling. In any case let’s a little keep away from a pleasure of passing an examination and will talk about what important qualities certified medical assistant should possess to succeed in work. Precision Theoretical and practical knowledge certainly is very im

Average Salaries and Careers for Nursing Assistants - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

If you are looking for a good job for the long term, or just need a temporary job, which will be starting for a higher position, then you should pay attention to the position of CNA. To get a job as a medical officer must have some knowledge and experience. Very often, the requirements applicable to the employee for employment are very high. Requirements for

Online CNA Classes - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

Online courses in such disciplines as nursing, medical assisting are growing in popularity. Training of medical assistants can be online or on-campus. To date, employers prefer to employ students that have experience in the clinic. But what method of training would you choose you should pass a course consisting of 75 hours. The course must be approved by the

Guide to CNA Competency Exam - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

If you intend to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), sometimes referred to as Certified Nurse’s Aide you must to have approximately seventy five hours of training that must be state-approved. After this stage you will be need to pass a competency examination. During the exam students will be tested on conceptual knowledge and clinical skill. S

CNA Courses List - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

We provide a list of locations there you can get CNA training. List is constantly updated!   Certified Nurse Aide at Iowa Western Community College. $575 (Includes book and handout).$150 State Testing Fee, due when tests are scheduled. Hybrid Class Online is available as well. In t

Annual salaries for CNA - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

In average annual salaries for CNA look like: Average Annual salary (HR Reported data as of May 2014) is $30,432 Normally Certified Nursing Assistant gets from $24,978 to $36,428 per year (HR Reported data as of May 2014). We have more detailed infodated as of July 2012:Entry level CNA (Nurse Aide): $20,500 annualyAverage level CNA (Nurse Aide):

CNA Certification - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

You will need from 4 to 8 weeks to get CNA certification. On average it will cost you about $450 (from as few as $300 to as much as $600). All depends on state and you personal skills. And these are money spent on certification alone, not CNA courses.   But few words on process. We will skip education process as it varies from student to student as so

CNA quick reference - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

CNA job description: Working directly with patients. Your responsibilities are:  bathing, feeding patients, assisting with medical equipment, monitoring patient vital signs. It is CNA`s job to give social and emotional support to patients. Which sometimes is most important! As well as provide vital information on patient conditions to nurses and do

CNA free education - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

Most of CNA certification courses are paid. But due to nursing assistance beeing social help industry, there are plenty of organizations who voluntary help to accure CNA certification to ones  who desire. Yet some restrictions may apply. Local newspapers If you want to get CNA free – start with local newspapers. Search for social programms a

CNA license/certification renewal - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

It is vital not only to achieve license but also to renew it in time. Because having expired license is exactly the same as having to license at all.   There few steps (in fact - requirements) you have to pass through to renew your CNA certification. Renew on time First of all - do it in time. It is always easier to apply for renewal while you sti

Who are CNAs clients? - "CNA information" / Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) guide

A certified nursing assistant is an indispensable helper for a great number of patients. They can be nodivided into several groups. The first group includes postoperative patients, the second is for other bedridden patients. The third group is for seniors who need a continuing care. It is also important to allocate a separate group for people after stroke. A