Personal Qualities Required For a Certified Nursing Assistant

To gain your first important medical assistant certification after taking exam is a great feeling. In any case let’s a little keep away from a pleasure of passing an examination and will talk about what important qualities certified medical assistant should possess to succeed in work.


Theoretical and practical knowledge certainly is very important and in the work undoubtedly they will come in handy. You receive this knowledge during training at school. But there are also other qualities about which speech will go. Possessing a certain character or some traits of character, you can correctly and precisely carry out the certain tasks put before you and duties in the course of work. Such abilities as ability to coordinate and organize work at office or in clinic are very important.

Reliability, independence, intelligence

Not less important qualities are reliability, independence, intelligence. Colleagues should know that at any time they can rely on you, and your professionalism will find application in work. The reliable medical worker is irreplaceable in clinic and at office.

Manifestation on work of an initiative is always welcomed, especially if you are Certified Nursing Assistant. The medical assistant should possess the good observation, because sometimes happen situation when needed urgent help of the assistant and it are not necessary must be included in functional duties.


Undoubtedly, each medical assistant has worker affairs and duties which it should execute during the day. It is necessary to know that Certified Nursing Assistant work with patients, people who are ill and certainly need help every day. Some patients can possess difficult character and show it in relation with medical assistants. In such case the Certified Nursing Assistant should manage to find a common language, feel as correctly to communicate with the patient, irrespective of a situation.

Empathy, warmth and compassion are three more very important traits of character and these traits must to come naturally from within. These feelings never can be taught in school.

When you pass examination you can show very easily your received knowledge and to confirm that you are worthy to become CNA. But the most important qualities which you should possess and which are an integral part of good work, it will be possible to show only in the course of work.


Even the quietest patients who behave itself very sure in real life, coming to the medical institution became uneasy, suppressed and a little irritable.

Therefore one of the tasks of the medical assistant is correctly to adjust the patient on communication with a doctor, if it is necessary to calm and have a talk with it. Skilled assistants thanks to professional qualities, it is imperceptible for the patient and easy calm him.

The Smile and humor

The smile and care is very important points in communication with patients.

Not less important point at communication with patients is the humor. You can use a little of humor and conversation with the patient will become more easy, and the patient will start to have in your faith, respectively can quietly and openly communicate on questions exciting his.