CNA license/certification renewal

It is vital not only to achieve license but also to renew it in time. Because having expired license is exactly the same as having to license at all.


There few steps (in fact - requirements) you have to pass through to renew your CNA certification.

Renew on time

First of all - do it in time. It is always easier to apply for renewal while you still have active license. As overwise you won't be able to work while your CNA renewal application being reviewed. And this can lead to loosing your current job. And finding new job always require time. And like this is not enough - failing to renew on time is not a best addition to your CV. You will be asked why on your next job interview - no doubts.

Practice is a must

Second - you must be a practicing Certified Nurse Aide. Meaning you had to work on this profession during last 2 years. You must provide proof, e.g. copy of your agreement with employee. If by any means you haven't been working as a CNA in the past 2 years, you will have to pass state certification exam again and only after that you will be eligible to apply for renewal.

Clean background

Another important thing - you records must be clean from felony and other crimes in order to renew CNA certification. This is something it is too late to care about then you need to renew CNA license. You should keep this in mind all the time - don't get in troubles or one day you may loose your job.

How to renew

Visit officials (or their web-site) and get CNA certification renewal form (title may vary depending on the state). You will need to fill this properly in order to renew CNA license.


At the end - sign your form and check if it is required that your employee sign it too (may vary depending on the state). If you got the form from the web - make yourself absolutely sure this is proper form for your state as overwise you will not get your CNA license renewed.


And finally - wait for you renewed CNA certification. It takes about three weeks to get answer (and hopefully your renewal confirmation). We suggest that you plan your renewal ahead of time. As if there will be any problem with your renewal (e.g. incorrectly filled form) - you want yourself enough time for second try before your current certification has expired.