CNA free education

Most of CNA certification courses are paid. But due to nursing assistance beeing social help industry, there are plenty of organizations who voluntary help to accure CNA certification to ones  who desire. Yet some restrictions may apply.

Local newspapers

If you want to get CNA free – start with local newspapers. Search for social programms aimed for those who lost their job recently. If such courses availaible in your region – it’s pretty perfect opportunity as those organization only wish you get certification and find a job yourself as fast as possible. And that’s just what you want as well. Even better, some of those organization will even pay you some money as long as you study good. But those are rare unfortunately and ofcourse some conditions will apply – like not missing classes, passing tests with high marks.

Social homes and organizations

Another option - check local employement newspapers – it's often that social homes and organizations offer full-time job and provide CNA courses as introduction to profession. CNA is highly demanded profession – so for them it’s easier to arrange courses for newcomers then search for already certified nursing assistants. But keep in mind, that such free education will come with some strings attached, like you will have to work for this organization for a stated period (6 months, 1 year or even more). This option also may include salary even during educational period. But in this case most of the time you will be studying in short-term (in most extreme cases – 8 hours per day) to achieve CNA certificate as soon as possible. And some penalties for not passing exam may apply.

Prepare for the interview

No matter what you choose – tak your time to prepare for the interview. Every organization will study your CV to determine if you are right person for CNA job and if you are properly motivated. They just want to be sure you are right person to get free certified nursing assistant degree.

Why not?

Even if you are not sure about if you wish to be nursing assistant for a long-term. You may try those free options as an additional qualification and work as CNA while you are searching for your dream-job. CNAs are pretty well-paid (check our Average Salaries and Careers for Nursing Assistants page) and there is high demand for them most of the time. This way you always will have a back-up plan!