Who is Licensed Practical Nurse?

What is LPN? And who is Licensed Practical Nurse?


LPN`s Salary. So is it a good job? Yes it is, you help people and you earn quite a good salary. As always in USA salary differs from state to state. And ofcourse expirience matters. But rough average salary of Licensed Practical Nurse is $40000/year. Not bad at all.


Who can become LPN? You will need high school diploma or GED in order to apply for LPN programm. You should be strong as sometimes you will need to move patients. Endurance and flexibility are on high demand too for Licensed Practical Nurse. You will face lots of problems during LPNs day-to-day work – so you should be capable of solving them. But most of all – you should care. It is essential for LPN to be nice to a client, help him/her and provide support in everyday situations.

Becoming LPN. If you meet basic requirements – it’s time for school! Typically you will need a 12-month program to gain LPN diploma (or certification). You can study offline or online. But almost always you will need to attend some classes in person. And there is always examination at the end of the course.


How much education costs? It very depends. The easiest way is to check it by yourself right now. There is a small form to the right from this  text. Fill it and you will know exactly how much LPN diploma will cost for you.

Will I get a job as LPN? Statistics say – YES. Eldery need nursing assistance. And with every day there is more elders in USA. This way there is growing demand for Licensed Practical Nurse.

Where LPN works? LPN is a person who works in nursing facilities, hospitals, community health centers and even patients’ homes. In fact location is never important, as LPN is needed just at any location there their patiants are.

Who are LPN’s patients?  Just every person who needs special care – eldery, postopeartives, very sick people. Some of them require LPN’s services just for a short period of time, others – will need it for the rest of their life. But always – these are people who need assistance in their everyday life.

Shifts? Working schedule is very dependent on a facility you will work. It can be regular 5x8, or can be “whenever patient needs you”. Most of the time you will be able to find a job that suits you.