The daily duties of Certified Nursing Assistance

Certified Medical Assistance daily carries out certain different duties. This duties are various and planed for the whole day.

Daily duties differ depending on that with what doctor Certified Nursing Assistance works, in what region and in what hospital.

Medical workers can carry out various functional duties. Depending on above listed factors, duty can be administrative, clerical or clinical.

Clerical duties

If Certified Nursing Assistance carries out clerical duties, it is important to carry out the following duties: greeting and checking in patients, answering phones, making appointments, when it is needed sorting and distributing mail, handling all correspondence for the office, basically handling the receptionist duties of the department and the office.

Administrative duties

If Certified Nursing Assistance carries out administrative duties, the functions will be the following: filling necessary record, scheduling patients for test or labs, checking a patient’s file and making sure that file is up to date with all information, screens that need to be done out of the office, filling insurance forms. CNA usually have different clinical duties, and these duties always entail great responsibilities. Every day Certified Nursing Assistance working with patient in a medical setting. He will make all necessary to get patient ready to see the doctor.


They consider all indicators of analyses and tests of the patient and do special records for the doctor.


The same they can make all necessary analyses in laboratory out of hospital, and present ready analyses for the subsequent treatment of the patient on a place.

Certified Nursing Assistant takes the blood analysis, carry out simple analyses on machines such as an EKG machine and remove bandages and process wounds.

It's daily

Duties which will be carried out by the medical worker various and repeat them daily. It means that every day the medical assistant will be responsible for the same work. However one medical assistant can differ from functions of another. These differences are caused by specifics of the doctor with which assistants work.

Professional qualities

Each Certified Nursing Assistant should be allocated with many professional qualities, such as attentiveness, goodwill, diligence and certainly all are necessary medical knowledge and skills. After all, every day it is necessary to apply them. For each patient important what level of care and attentiveness it will be given.

Qualitative help

Division of functions between assistants promotes that all duties are carried out accurately, thus that small and not so important duties are carried out with the same responsibility, as insignificant. It helps not to miss important points in work of all hospital. All actions of medical assistants are aimed at providing the qualitative help to patients, and respectively to do the utmost, that they felt better.

[by cnaonline editor]