Average Salaries and Careers for Nursing Assistants

If you are looking for a good job for the long term, or just need a temporary job, which will be starting for a higher position, then you should pay attention to the position of CNA. To get a job as a medical officer must have some knowledge and experience. Very often, the requirements applicable to the employee for employment are very high. Requirements for CNA lower, which makes it easier to get a job and later move to a higher medical office.


Average Annual salary

Average Annual salary(HR Reported data as of May 2014) is $30,432

Normally Certified Nursing Assistant gets from $24,978 to $36,428 per year (HR Reported data as of May 2014).

And it does not matter where you want to get a job for a long time or just want to know better-features of the work, in any case, the work of CNA will suit you perfect.

How to get a job as a CNA?

To become a CNA is not difficult; path to this is relatively simple and does not take too much time. First you must pass courses. The course will take several weeks approximately 75 hours of state- approved training.

The next step is to pass the test. In order to obtain the certificate of medical assistant you must pass an exam. After that you can legally work in a medical facility. These rules do not apply to other medical personnel, and only medical assistants.

The next step is a job search. With this should be no problem. Most often, health facilities need to be health workers, because wage is not high and vacancies are often free. Thus, as soon as you can get a certificate can apply for a job. Complicated situation is that if you are looking for a vacancy in certain city, state or medical facility. In any case, the opportunity to get a job you always will have.

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Career Mobility for CNAs.

After receiving the certificate, you can get a work. In this case, you will appreciate few advantages: you will get a good salary, you will help people with various illnesses and experiencing the satisfaction of the assistance provided, you can appreciate the process of what you find interesting. Another positive point is that you do not need to study for a long time to be attached to the work. For many medical assistants that work is starting and later they will be able to make long term career in medicine. CAN is a great opportunity to join a professional medical practice. Statistics show, that the need for a professional medical staff annually increase.