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Two sets of mothers and daughters studying to be nurses (USA)

Another thing to know about CNA. I don't if you read things like this, but stopped by and have taken a closer look.

"In an unusual situation, two generations of two different families are currently studying to be nurses at Oxford Brookes University."

Things like this, then they happen medical prof do have weight.

What do you think?

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Northern Ireland’s HCAs to be rebadged as nursing assistants
2018-02-23 00:07:14,

I have just read this news about CNA. Not sure, but I think it may change some things around in Nursing Assitance. Short quote:

"Healthcare assistants in Northern Ireland are to be known in future as nursing assistants, officials have said at the same time as announcing new standards for the support role."

I wonder if these can impact my job as Nursing Assistant. Can't find obvious relation. But... You never know!
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