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Nurse leader uses personal experience to promote compassion (USA)

Another thing to know about CNA. I don't if you read things like this, but stopped by and have taken a closer look.

"A senior nurse has written a frank account of some of the upsetting circumstances surrounding her own mother’s death to highlight the importance of compassionate nursing care."

Things like this, then they happen medical prof do have weight.

What do you think?

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Exclusive NHS should offer staff affordable housing says leader
2017-06-17 00:02:57,

May be not all yet know that:

"Trusts should consider offering junior nursing staff affordable housing as an incentive to join the health service, an NHS leader has told Nursing Times."

I'm going to serf web for a little bit more - will write back here if I will find anything interesting. But not so much happens in CNA these days
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