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Northern Ireland’s HCAs to be rebadged as nursing assistants (USA)

I have just read this news about CNA. Not sure, but I think it may change some things around in Nursing Assitance. Short quote:

"Healthcare assistants in Northern Ireland are to be known in future as nursing assistants, officials have said at the same time as announcing new standards for the support role."

I wonder if these can impact my job as Nursing Assistant. Can't find obvious relation. But... You never know!

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Nursing associate drugs guidance aims to ‘calm the waters’
2018-02-22 00:12:40,

May be not all yet know that:

"A broader focus on the range of high risk medicines that nursing associates will be expected to give, rather than just controlled drugs, will “calm the waters” among the profession, according to senior nurses behind new guidance on medication."

But not just seeing this makes me think... But I just trying to understand how this one is just like most important what happend around? At least most noticable? Isn't there nothing more important about CNA?
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