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NHS backs RCN drive to improve digital skills among nurses (USA)

Have you already seen last Certified Nurse Assistant news topic? Check it:

"A campaign to improve digital skills among nurses has received the backing of the NHS body responsible for data and information in England."

I wonder if these can impact my job as Nursing Assistant. Can't find obvious relation. But... You never know!

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New students with place on nursing course down 8% in England
2017-08-18 00:01:55,

Never you know what is important and what is not. May be you will find it neither interesting, neither important... But still I found that this one is worth few seconds of attention

"Figures released today show that 16,100 nursing students have been placed on a course in England so far – representing an 8% drop compared to 2016."

These things shouldn't be left unnoticed. If we will speak of them - working as CNA may get better one day.

As always - your opinion is welcome.
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