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Health Education England plans further cut to CPD funding (USA)

I have just read this news about CNA. Not sure, but I think it may change some things around in Nursing Assitance. Short quote:

"National funding for post-registration training for nurses is to be cut again this year, according to draft budget plans drawn up by government arm’s length body Health Education England."

But not just seeing this makes me think... But I just trying to understand how this one is just like most important what happend around? At least most noticable? Isn't there nothing more important about CNA?

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Standard literacy and numeracy tests on horizon for London
2017-03-22 00:00:36,

Another thing to know about CNA. I don't if you read things like this, but stopped by and have taken a closer look.

"Student nurses in London could in the future see their numeracy and literacy skills assessed under standardised tests, as part of city-wide plans to make it easier for them to get jobs."

And this one looks like most important thing happend around for today. CNA isn't like most popular theme for news agencies.
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