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Former CNO given Bucks New University honorary doctorate (USA)

May be not all yet know that:

"Former chief nursing officer for England Dame Christine Beasley has been awarded an honorary doctorate by nurse educator Buckinghamshire New University."

And once again the text itself isn't that important. Neither it gives some actual information on CNA inside life. But still - if you don't have better sources - even news like this are worth few seconds.

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Exclusive New nursing apprenticeships hit by delays
2017-09-08 00:02:18,

Sometimes then I scroll specialized news I see something like:

"Degree-level nurse apprenticeships that were originally intended to start this month have been largely delayed until 2018 at the earliest, amid claims that employers are struggling to support new training routes designed to ease workforce shortages."

I've been in downtown few hours ago and heard as two guys have spoken of this. So.. may be is important for people here.
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