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Exclusive NUH next to seek US nursing quality benchmark (USA)

Sometimes then I scroll specialized news I see something like:

"A hospital trust in Nottingham, and one of the largest in England, is to be the next UK organisation to apply for international recognition of its nursing care through a US scheme."

Things like this, then they happen medical prof do have weight.

What do you think?

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Exclusive Nursing must overcome barriers to vital research
2017-02-22 00:01:31,

Have you already seen last Certified Nurse Assistant news topic? Check it:

"Workforce pressures, education structures and negative perceptions are all holding back nurse involvement in vital research and innovation that could benefit patient care, a Nursing Times survey has revealed."

But not just seeing this makes me think... But I just trying to understand how this one is just like most important what happend around? At least most noticable? Isn't there nothing more important about CNA?
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